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Fairway Park, Moreno Valley - Everything to Know

Fairway Park is a 6-acre park located right next to Celebration Park in Moreno Valley, California. There is an enjoyable playground, multi-use athletic fields, a volleyball court, walking paths, and picnic tables with barbecues. In this blog, I will talk about all of these things and more!

The sunset at Fairway Park in Moreno Valley, California
The sunset at Fairway Park

The video above by Matadores F.C. shows one of the soccer fields in the park. Give it a watch!

We’ll start off with the parking situation. Since there are no parking lots in the park, you will need to park on the street. There are dozens of street parking spaces along John F Kennedy Drive (there’s a park on the same road called John F Kennedy Memorial Park) and Via Sonata.

The parking lot at Fairway Park in Moreno Valley, California
Some of the street parking available

There are usually two soccer fields in Fairway Park; football fields are sometimes made using the painted lines from the soccer fields. One soccer field is 150 feet long - this one is on the western side of the park next to the playground. The other is on the eastern side of the park and is 320 feet long. There are no stadium lights like Sunnymead Park and some other parks have.

The soccer fields and green space at Fairway Park in Moreno Valley
The green space for soccer fields

The grass is in good shape for being in the Inland Empire. If there are no practices or games happening, you can use the soccer goalposts. Many people will play football, soccer, frisbee, or just run around. There are a decent number of trees if you want to play a game in the shade!

The volleyball court is on the western side of Fairway Park. Unfortunately, you will need to bring your own net. There is also little to no shade; playing in the morning or evening is optimal to avoid burning your feet in the summer heat. If you want to take a break, a picnic table is adjacent to the volleyball court.

The volleyball court at Fairway Park in Moreno Valley, California
The volleyball court

There is a small rentable picnic shelter next to the playground. It has one shaded picnic table, a grill, a garbage can, and a recycling bin. You can rent this for a day for $43.30 - this is Picnic Shelter #13. Celebration Park has dozens of tables that you can rent if you are having a massive party.

The picnic shelter at Fairway Park in Moreno Valley, California
A small picnic shelter

Next to the park shelter are the restrooms. They are typically in good shape, but that can quickly change. There is also a water fountain so that you and your children can stay hydrated.

The bathrooms at Fairway Park in Moreno Valley, California
Some restrooms

There are 2,300 feet of walking trails in Fairway Park, Moreno Valley. This is a great distance to walk your dog or as a detour in your jogs. You can take a loop around the park, or visit one of the four picnic tables (three of them are near the volleyball courts). Each has a grill, a trash can, and a recycling bin. The amount of shade will depend on the time of the day, but they will be out of the sun for most of the day.

One review says, “My kiddos call this park ‘the blue park’ due to the amount of blue colored park obstacles and steel structure. Compared to Celebration Park down the street, this area is often less crowded. Bathrooms are also cleaned daily.”

The map of Fairway Park in Moreno Valley, California
A map of Fairway Park on Google Earth

Fairway Park will be more crowded on weekends, due to the soccer games and tournaments, and after school gets out on weekdays. The morning or evening will be the least busy part of the day.

Lake Perris State Recreational Area, Upland Game Hunting Area, and Terri Peak are just over the hill - it has a lot of hiking trails and is a hotspot for locals.

Fairway Park Playground

You can find the playground on the southwestern corner of the park. The playground surface is made out of wood chips, so bring some good shoes to prevent any injuries! There is a picnic table and a couple of benches where you can watch your kids play their hearts out. The playground structure itself has its own shade, plus the trees provide some extra shade.

The playground at Fairway Park in Moreno Valley, California
Fairway Park Playground

Fairway Park Playground has a tube slide, a rock climbing wall, some jungle gym equipment, a regular slide, a regular ladder, a twisting ladder, and stairs. They say that this playground was designed for ages 5-12, but I’ve seen younger and older kids play on it just fine.

Fairway Park Playground in Moreno Valley, Riverside County
Another angle of the playground at Fairway Park

Unfortunately, there are no swings here. Vista Lomas Park and Moreno Valley Community Park have some, though.

Fairway Park Address: 27891 John F Kennedy Dr, Moreno Valley, CA 92555, USA

Hours: Open 24 hours daily

Coordinates: 33.902144, -117.177112

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