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Everything About Westbluff Park - Moreno Valley

Westbluff Park is a small 5-acre park located on the outskirts of Moreno Valley, California. It may be small, but it has 2 amazing playgrounds, a green space, a picnic shelter, tables, and barbecues. We’ll cover all of these things and more in this blog; read along!

The playground at Westbluff Park in Moreno Valley, California
Westbluff Park Playground

The video above from Jaime Gonzales shows how much fun kids can have at the playground. Give it a watch!

To start off, there is a parking lot in the center of the park. To get here, you will have to turn off of Pigeon Pass Road in between Vista Heights Middle School and Canyon Springs High School - just go down the hill. The lot will have 22 spaces and 1 more handicapped spot. Unfortunately, there is no more parking (including street parking) nearby; you will have to wait for someone to leave or come back at a different time.

The main parking lot at Westbluff Park in Moreno Valley
The main parking lot

The picnic shelter is past the playground. It only has one table, but it does have a grill, trash cans, and recycling bins. To rent this shelter, it will cost $43.30 a day (this is Picnic Shelter #39 if you are interested). There are seven more picnic tables scattered throughout Westbluff Park. They all have barbecues, and most have consistent shade for those hot summer days.

The park shelter with a table, barbecue, and trash can
The picnic shelter and a grill

The restrooms are next to the parking lot. There are only a couple of toilets, though. To make things worse, they aren’t cleaned very often. I would urge you to go to the bathroom before you leave for the park.

The bathrooms at Westbluff Park in Moreno Valley, California
The restrooms

There are two green spaces in the park, one on each side of the playground. The one to the west will have more shade but less room; the one to the east will have a bunch of open room but no shade. The grass is in good shape, too. I have seen a lot of people play football, soccer, and even frisbee!

The green space and fields at Westbluff Park in Moreno Valley
One of the two green spaces

Only 600 feet of walking trails are inside the park. It’s much better to just walk in the grass if you are taking your dog on a walk. There isn’t even a sidewalk going into the park, so you would have to walk in the street.

Contrary to what Google says, there is not a baseball or softball field inside the park. There are some at neighboring Canyon Springs High School, but the entrance gate is usually locked.

A map of Westbluff Park in Moreno Valley, California
A map of Westbluff Park on Google Earth

Poorman Reservoir (also known as Poorman’s Reservoir) and Pigeon Pass Valley are right next to the park. It has miles of hiking trails with a lot of trees. Most of the time, there is no water (because of the typical California drought), but people have gone fishing here before!

Tuesday and Thursday are the busiest days at Westbluff Park. Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday are typically the best days to go. 6 p.m. is the most crowded time every day, while before 3 p.m. is the least crowded time. It may be difficult to go to the park before 3 p.m. if your children are still in school.

Manuel Blanco’s review says, “Great park for the kids to play and adults to sit down to watch their children. Many of the Middle School students pass by there on the way home. Well watched by school security & Parks & Recreation alike. This is a great park!”

Westbluff Park Playground

The playground is easy to find as it’s right next to the parking lot. It has wood chips as its surface, so I would recommend wearing some good shoes to prevent any cuts or splinters - I have gotten too many in my lifetime. There are two benches and two picnic tables to sit at and watch your children play their hearts out. There is a water fountain, too. As for shade, there is a decent amount, but you should still put some sunscreen on.

Westbluff Park Playground in Moreno Valley, California
The larger playground

The larger Westbluff Park Playground has two 20-foot-tall tube slides (one is swirly), a rock climbing wall, smaller slides, ladders, a bridge, spinning chairs (like the ones at Rock Ridge Park), drums, stairs, and so much more! Although it doesn’t matter much, this playground was designed for ages 5-12.

The smaller playground has slides, games, stairs, and a ladder. This part of the playground was designed for 2-5 year olds.

Westbluff Park Playgrounds at Westbluff Park in Moreno Valley
The two playgrounds

There are also two bucket swings for younger children and two traditional swings that can be used by everyone. This playground easily rivals the ones at Shadow Mountain Park (it has two zip lines) and Bethune Park!

Westbluff Park Address: 10750 Pigeon Pass Rd, Moreno Valley, CA 92557

Hours: 8 AM - 8 PM

Coordinates: 33.965088, -117.260189

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