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Everything About Victoriano Park - Moreno Valley

Victoriano Park is a small 5-acre park in Moreno Valley, California. Although it lacks a playground, it has multi-use athletic fields, a picnic shelter with tables and barbecues, walking trails, restrooms, and a green space. In this blog, we will talk about all of these things and more!

The sunset at Victoriano Park in Moreno Valley, California
The sunset at Victoriano Park

The video above from the City of Moreno Valley shows the new field lights at the park. Give it a watch!

There are a few dozen parking spaces (50 regular spots and 4 handicapped spaces) off of Los Cabos Drive. Victoriano Elementary School will use this parking lot for most of the day, which means that there won’t be any spaces available. There is more street parking on Los Cabos Drive and inside a neighborhood, if that lot is full, called Horado Lane. It will have a few dozen spots, too.

The main parking lot at Victoriano Park in Moreno Valley, California
The entrance to the parking lot

I will start off by talking about the fields since this is the most popular feature of the park. For part of the year, there will be a large soccer field 315 feet long with painted lines and a couple of goal posts. A few games and practices will happen here. Just a few months ago, they got soccer field lights (stadium lights) so games can happen after sunset!

Other parks in the area, like Moreno Valley Community Park and Lasselle Sports Park, will have goalposts for most or the entire year if you want to shoot goals. These are turf fields rather than the grass field at Victoriano Park.

The soccer fields and grassy space at Victoriano Park
The fields and green space

On the western side of the park are a couple of backstops to play baseball or softball. There are no bleachers for spectators, so I would assume that very few games happen here - the only ones that will happen are for little kids playing Tee-ball. It’s a great park to hit balls without the worry of hitting anyone. The park rarely has a lot of people.

Just like most parks in Moreno Valley, people use the green space to play games like soccer, football, tag, and frisbee. The large grassy area has enough room to play whatever you want!

The park shelter is on the southeastern corner of the park. It’s more of a pergola than something that provides shade, but the trees will cover you. There are nine picnic tables in total with three grills, trash cans, and recycling bins. It’s a fantastic place to have a party with a couple dozen people.

The park shelter, picnic tables, and barbecues at Victoriano Park
The picnic shelter, tables, and grills

The park shelter can be rented for $43.30 a day. For reference, this is Picnic Shelter #38. Celebration Park has dozens of tables that you can rent out!

The tables and grills at Victoriano Park in Moreno Valley
More picnic tables and barbecues

The eastern side of the park has the bathrooms, which are next to all of the picnic tables and picnic shelter. They are in decent shape, but I have seen restrooms go from good shape to bad shape in less than a day. Unfortunately, they are closed much of the time. Go before you leave your house! You will also see the water fountains next to the doors.

The bathroom and water fountain at Victoriano Park
The restrooms and a water fountain

The last feature of the park to talk about is the walking paths. Victoriano Park has a total of 2,100 feet of sidewalks, much of which is shaded by trees. It’s also a great walk if you are picking your children up from Victoriano Elementary School. There are plenty of lights if you are taking a walk after sunset.

Victoriano Park doesn’t have a playground, but Westbluff Park and Vista Lomas Park have good ones!

The amazing entrance to Victoriano Park in Moreno Valley
The beautiful entrance to the park

The park was named after Victoriano, a well-known Native American chief who lived there centuries ago.

Furthermore, Lake Perris State Recreational Area is only one mile away. There are miles and miles of hiking trails where you can get a great view of Perris Reservoir and Moreno Valley! Mango Park and Pedrona Park are just across the street.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are the busiest days at Victoriano Park. Saturday and Sunday are the least busy days in the park. 12 PM and 5 PM are the busiest times at the park most days. Before 11 AM and after 6 PM are the best times to go to the park because there will likely be fewer people. Many families go here after school is let out for the day.

A map of Victoriano Park in Moreno Valley, California
A map of Victoriano Park on Google Earth

Lucas Monaco’s review says, “Perfect for any sports training, big enough to practice football, soccer and baseball at the same time. Great place, great environment.”

Victoriano Park Address: 25730 Los Cabos Dr, Moreno Valley, CA 92551

Hours: Open 24 hours daily

Coordinates: 33.890363, -117.212609

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